Stockport Bobbin Winders

Close up of dozens of bobbins with threads leading to a small piece of lace
Many bobbins are used in lace making

The Lace Guild

The Bobbin Winders are part of the Lace Guild, with expert instruction and starter kits available to new members and beginners.

8 ladies busy making lace with the teacher stood giving assistance to one.
Bobbin Winders meet in St. Peter’s cafe area with a relaxed, chatty atmosphere

New members welcome…

The Bobbin Winders meet in St. Peter’s Church every Tuesday from 11.30am – 1.30pm. Refreshments are available from the cafe. New members are always welcome, from complete beginner to seasoned hands. Please just turn up or drop us a line through our contact page if you are interested.

A pink flower shaped piece of lace under construction
Any shape can be made into lace, from patterns to animals

“Especially for ladies of a genteel disposition”